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Dream Groups

You dream up to five times a night. Even if you donít remember your dreams they are part of your mental health system and affect you daily.


  • Give you a deeper understanding of yourself, your life, and relationships
  • Reveal your feelings about current life events Clarify your fears and concerns
  • Warn you of upcoming physical problems and consequences of current choices
  • Indicate solutions and advice about your problems
  • Reveal habits and patterns that are present
  • Open a channel to spirituality
What are the benefits of attending a Dream Group?
  • Receive assistance understanding the messages in your dreams
  • Utilize the wealth of solutions your dreams reveal
  • Be surprised how much your dreams relate to your feelings and problems and daily life
  • Learn to read the language of your personal dream symbols
  • Open you to new ideas and behaviors
  • Change and enrich your life in more ways than you can imagine
DATES: See dates below
FEE: $50 for each date.

RESERVE YOUR SPACE: Click here to register & pay ( (Be sure to indicate the date(s)you are registering for in the "Comments" box.)

Attend one or all Dream Groups. Follow @DreamReadings on Twitter to be alerted of upcoming groups. Click here to register & pay. (Be sure to indicate the date(s)you are registering for in the "Comments" box.)

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